Glass Bottle Milk

In-store purchase only. Bottle deposit charged if not returning an empty.

Ozark Mountain Creamery utilizes a low temperature vat pasteurization process. The lower temperature pasteurization safely pasteurizes the milk, but retains more of the natural attributes of the milk than higher temperature processes.  Based on customer feedback, our milk is more readily digested by those with a lactose intolerance, which we attribute to the intact enzymes that aid digestion.  We are the ONLY glass bottler utilizing vat pasteurization  in the state of Missouri.

Our milk is sold in returnable, recyclable glass bottles.  By placing a deposit for your bottle and returning it to the store to exchange for your next bottle, only the plastic cap ends up in a landfill.  Once returned empty to the store and ultimately to our warehouse, we wash and sanitize the bottles and reuse them over and over again.  By using our reusable and recyclable glass bottles, we can greatly reduce the amount of waste in our landfills.

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