Our Founder


This store would never have become a reality if it first hadn’t been a dream and a vision in the mind of our founder, Chad Overman.
Chad and Rebekah

Chad is a successful local businessman, a patriotic Army veteran, a faithful Christian and a devoted father and husband. He’s also an American who loves his country and its heritage, and wants to do his part in rebuilding its communities and revitalizing its domestic economy.

His concept for the American-Made General Store was based on his observation that many people want to buy made-in-the-USA products. But it’s not always convenient to look at labels to confirm that things are, in fact, American-made.

“I’m passionate about buying American-made,” he says, “but I don’t even want to look at labels.”

Part of being an America-focused community store means giving back to the community. Chad’s commitment to the idea of local support is represented in his community profit-sharing program: 10% of store profits will be donated in the form of local scholarships, projects, nonprofit organizations, schools and so forth.

Chad’s office is upstairs in the store, and when he’s not scouring the Internet looking for more American-made products or testing inventory samples, he’s often out roaming the aisles. If you see him, say hi and tell him what you think of American-Made General Store!

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