About Us


Most things sold in America were produced here, by Americans, for Americans (and for a lot of the rest of the world, too). American workers took great pride in their products, and Yankee ingenuity ensured American quality was the gold standard.

This store is a new model, based on that proud and trusted heritage, that delivers value and convenience to modern shoppers.

Once you step inside or log online, you don’t have to check any labels or wonder about the origin of any of our products. Every single item is Made in America. Our shelves and shopping carts are sourced from sea to shining sea — and also from the Alaskan tundra and the Hawaiian isles.

We stock products made in every state in the Union. We know, because we personally check every purchase we make. In many cases, we’ve actually visited the American factories or shops that make our products.

You also don’t have to price check us (but go ahead—you’ll be wowed!). Our core belief is that American-made should never mean over-priced, and we’re doing our part every day to make that a reality for our customers.

Once you look around at our price tags, you’ll notice that we’re always competitive with big-box stores selling imported products. In many instances, we’re even more affordably priced.

In every case, we’ve made “buying American-made” easy again. Thank you for visiting us! God Bless America.

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