Why American-Made

Buying American Supports U.S. Jobs!

Many people are amazed to find out how many products are still made in the USA. This store is one small step toward reversing the damaging trend of retailers sourcing their products overseas.

The Internet has allowed many domestic manufacturers to reach out directly to consumers, and that same technology assists us with managing inventory across many smaller suppliers, rather than large distributors like big box stores do.

By offering competitive pricing against big box imports, our all American-made merchandise does more than just deliver superior value to you and your family. It also saves and supports American jobs and workers.

How we define "American-Made"

Sometimes suppliers fudge on what it means to be made in the USA. For example, they’ll make the “American-made” claim because 75% of their labor cost is in the USA, but not the materials.

We keep it simple and straight: here’s our policy standards for products to be sold in our store. Made in the USA means:

  • Completely manufactured in America
  • Manufactured in America using global components
  • Assembled in America, with at least 75% of ingredients made in the USA

Some examples of the second category are:

  1. An Oreck vacuum cleaner, which is manufactured in Tennessee; but the vacuum bags it uses are made overseas
  2. A board game made in the USA, but the dice are imported

We support American manufacturing jobs! So that’s our baseline on defining American-made merchandise, because our goal is to keep good jobs in the USA.

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