What is a general store

What’s a General Store?

Like original general stores, we offer general merchandise that most American households need and use on an ongoing basis.

Sometimes “general stores” today often sound and look like novelty shops, but we actually stock 95% of the products a person or family buys every week. Things like food, deli meats and cheese, and other grocery staples. Apparel and various clothing garments for men and women and girls and boys, as well as shoes and boots. Also tools, toys, ammo, and a few gifts you probably have never seen before.

A key feature of any General Store is its commitment to the local community. In that regard, we walk the walk as a true “community store” by giving back to our community.

We will return 10 cents of every dollar in general store profits in the form of scholarships, donations to local nonprofits, or support for community projects. That 10% gesture is our way of staying actively engaged as a real partner committed to improving the local area in which we live.

Our plan is that the general store will benefit the community for decades to come.

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