What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying!

"Attention all Walmart shoppers, take your shopping list to American Made General Store in Pocahontas, AR first. You will be buying American made products, helping your fellow Americans and saving money.

I stopped in today and was amazed at all the products. Sorry Amazon, next year’s Christmas will be bought here. There were so many gift ideas. I picked up a few today. Great job Chad Overman!" 🇺🇸

~ Cindy Myers


"This afternoon, I got to visit American Made General Store in Pocahontas, AR. If you get the opportunity....nevermind...make the opportunity to go visit!

They have a great selection of products all made here in the USA! Several products are made right here in Arkansas. Food, clothing, tools, toys, and much much more! And the prices are comparable to or cheaper than the big corporate store across the street!

The store looked amazing! I love the mix of professionalism with the rustic appeal! All of the staff we encountered were extremely helpful and friendly!

Support the local retailer while buying American Made products, and we might see more manufacturers here in America!!!!"

~ Jay Malone


"I love this store! It has so much charm, lots of what I need when I shop, and a sense of American pride for investing in our country. I was able to purchase quality products at a great price. I'm all stocked up to make more homemade bread now, and bought the best apple butter to put on it!"

~ Robie Harvey


"Went to the AMS today and Chad and his staff have done an outstanding job. I am so proud of Chad for doing this and if you get a chance please stop by and shop around. You won't be disappointed. Let him know what you think. Well done Chad and good luck."

~ Ryan Gibson


"I loved the quality of the products and the variety. It is a fun place to shop and the prices were a pleasant surprise. There were three ages shopping in my family and we all were impressed."

~ Terri Flagg Coons


"Just ate lunch with wife, sister in law, and niece. Great food and great prices. Saw mine, Jeffrey’s, and Christina’s pictures on the wall. Thank you Chad for a wonderful addition to the local community, and thank you for your service."

~ Robert Fleming


"Had a chance to go through the store today. Prices on basic items we use everyday are comparable to other stores. Be sure to shop all the way to the back section, hardware, gas cans, coolers, work clothes, sterlite containers, and on and on!"

~ Teresa Williams Hancock


"Love this place! Such a family friendly place. Great prices, great merchandise, super friendly staff. I am so excited that American Made General is a part of our community."

~ Wendy Prevett Roberts 


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